July 25, 2016 Puzzle People


The Partridge Family, Crossword Puzzle, Bell 1122, 1973

By season four, The Partridge Family was in trouble.  Ratings were down and adding a 6 year old “neighbor” to drop by each week and sing a song didn’t work.  Records sales were down too, and gimmicks were added to try to boost sales.


Their previous album, Shopping Bag, came with a genuine shopping bag.  I imagine they are quite collectable now, I know I’ve never seen one.  For their next to last album, the producers came up with a TV-Guide style crossword puzzle that this album’s original owner was able to solve in one try (though in pencil!).  You can tell that everyone was phoning it in by this point.


They didn’t even bother to release a single from this opus.  The group, as it turned out already had their last chart single, and there’s really not a track on this record that would have made it up against the relatively strong pop year that was 1973.  Partridge records are all professionally  done, but this one is just really a puzzle as to why it exists.

Today’s Summary:

Cost: $2, $886 Remaining.


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