July 23, 2016 After Midnight


Various Artists, Session At Midnight, Capitol T-707, 1956

It’s hard to find much background information on this record.  It seems to be the product of a bunch of LA Jazz musicians, some of whom were signed to Capitol Records dropping by the Capitol studios on Melrose Avenue for one last jam session before it was closed and all recording was consolidated in the brand new Capitol Tower.


But it really doesn’t matter about the album’s background.  This record is really really great!  Jazz isn’t a genre I know much about, but outside of a few well known artists or landmark records, most of them can be had for a pretty cheap price.  Maybe a real aficionado wouldn’t get too excited by this record, but I sure love it.


It just goes to show you what you can find in a bargain bin if you’re willing to take a chance.  Checking online, I see it listed in worse shape than my $2 copy for as much as $25, so there must be some people looking for it.  Not that they’re getting this one any time soon!

Today’s Summary

Cost: $2, $889 Remaining


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