July 22,2016 Everybody Is A Starr


Ringo Starr, Ringo, Apple SWAL 3414, 1973

Quick, name the only album after Let It Be that featured all four Beatles on it?  Name a record that featured Randy Newman, Billy Preston, Martha Reeves, Klaus Voorman, Harry Nielson, Marc Bolan, Merry Clayton and Jack Nitzche?  If you guessed Ringo Starr’s third solo album, congratulations.


It’s a really great record.  Like Beatles great.  Ringo quickly released two solo records in 1970 as his former group was breaking up, but one was an album of standards, and the other was a country record (!).  Sure, there were some hit singles, but this 1973 effort was truly Ringo’s first rock solo project.


And what an effort it is!  There’s the deluxe gatefold cover, plus a 20 page booklet with lyrics and original artwork.  It’s for me, the best Beatles solo record, with the possible exception of George’s All Things Must Pass.  But this record is so much more fun!

Today’s Summary:

Cost: $5, $891 Remaining

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