July 21, 2016 Three Faces Of Gale


Gale Garnett, The Many Faces Of Gale, RCA LSP-3325, 1965

This is embarrassing.  I always look up a record before I blog about it, mostly to confirm the issue date and catalogue number for the description.  I love Gale Garnett’s voice, but I only really know it from her one hit, We’ll Sing In the Sunshine.  When I saw this 1965 followup record, I knew I wanted it despite the lack of a hit single.  I also like to read a short biography of the artist, and in this case, I was sure I remembered that she had died.

Imagine my surprise when my quick background research revealed that someone I was sure had died was, in fact still alive.  Sorry Ms. Garnett!


Anyway, RCA didn’t really go all out on this record.  The back cover has no pictures on it, just a “letter” from NBC-TV star Pernell Roberts, an odd choice if ever there was one.  I guess because Bonanza was an NBC show, and NBC was owned by RCA at the time, there was a corporate relationship going on.


The good news is, like many adult oriented records, this one was well cared for down to it’s period correct inner sleeve.  Almost half of the tunes are self-penned, which is impressive,  but I found the covers to be the better arrangements..  I’ll keep this record handy for a fall afternoon when I want something a little melancholy and different.

Today’s Summary:

Cost: $3, $896 Remaining


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