July 20, 2016 What A Time It Was


Simon & Garfunkel, Bookends, Columbia KCS-9529, 1968

The best part about landmark albums is that they’re usually very good, the cornerstones of every collection, and they sold in such numbers that they are usually pretty easy to find.  The Beatles aside, classics like Bookends turn up really often, so I usually jump at the chance to get a better copy than the one I already have.


This album was the first studio release from S&G in nearly 18 months, and it set records for sales and weeks at number one.  I might have spent more weeks at the top, but for the soundtrack of The Graduate which was out at the same time, featured Simon and Garfunkel and also peaked at number one.


It’s maybe a sign that I bought a later pressing when the album I bought is also advertised on the inner sleeve.  Maybe for such a highly anticipated record Columbia did advance promotion, but I have to believe that inner sleeve art would take a while to get caught up to a new release.

In any event, this $3 was a gamble.  It was shinny and clean, but it doesn’t play very well.  There are a few scratched and pops that come through more on a record like this than you might hear on, say, a Led Zeppelin record.  This one doesn’t rise to the level of a keeper and get re-donated.

Today’s Summary:

Cost: $3, $899 Remaining

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