July 19, 2016 Sometimes You Just get Lucky


The Modern Jazz Quartet, European Concert, Atlantic 2-603, 1960

About a decade before I found this record on day one of a summer road trip, I found a German poster of an American Jazz concert that I fell in love with.  It was uber-cool and the right size for the wall it still hangs on.  I’d never heard of The Modern Jazz Quartet before but the poster was just really cool.


Turns out, the group is uber-cool too.  I found this record in a comic book store in Yakima, Washington and for $5 a got a VG+ original Atlantic Records pressing of a concert from the same tour as my poster.  It’s an outstanding double album, and one of the best jazz albums I now own.


Jazz records, along with “international” or “vocal” albums are often much cheaper and available than the rock and R&B records everyone else is looking for.  Not only are they cheaper, but the people who bought them originally were older and took better care of them, so they also play better than a similarly price pop record.  You’re going to (hopefully) be seeing many more records like this here.


Incidentally, this is the poster that started it all..

Today’s Summary:

Cost: $5, $902 Remaining


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