July 15, 2016 It’s Raining In My Heart


Michel Legrand & Various Artists, The Umbrellas Of Cherbourg, Phillips PCC-616, 1964

I hinted yesterday at a new theme week involving TV related records.  Turning on the TV today though, I was hit with the news from France of yet another human caused tragedy there.  I’m just knocked out at how this can keep happening in this day and age, and I actually needed to go record shopping to distract myself.  Luckily, and don’t ask me why this is, but my local Oregon record shops have huge collections of international records for very little money.  I bought all of the French related albums I could find, and I found a few real gems.  I couldn’t wait to get home and listen to this one.


It may be the nicest album package I’ve ever seen, and it’s in amazing shape for being 52 years old.  The Umbrellas Of Cherbourg was a landmark French film, and it made an international star out of Catherine Deneuve.  Michel Legrand’s musical score was also well renowned and even though I haven’t seen the film in years, I remembered the music.


 Phillips Records released the soundtrack on their high end Connoisseur Collection, and the original owners really took care of it.  The still scenes from the movie are like real photographs attached in the gatefold cover.  Also included is an eight page lyrics guide in French with an English translation.  This must have been a very expensive album in 1964, and despite the movie’s international success, I doubt this was the kind of record that would have sold in any kind of numbers.


There’s even a mint condition insert that features other albums from the same series.  It dawned on me that somewhere I have a copy of the Singing Nun album, and I recall that it came with a set of imitation watercolors of nuns sitting around a group of young girls and singing.  In any event, there must have been a short lived market for records that gave the listener something to ponder beyond the music.  For me, it’s an unbelievable deal to have found today for $1.  I’d have paid much more to feel a positive connection to France today.

Today’s Summary:

Cost: $1, $912 Remaining


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