July 13, 2016 Do I Even Need A Headline?


The Ethel Merman Disco Album, A&M SP-4775, 1979

I imagine sometimes that it’s really hard to say no to an offer, especially if your phone hasn’t been ringing much lately.  Broadway legend Ethel Merman was 71 and not only way past her prime, but beginning to deteriorate physically when the offer came in to combine Broadway and Disco into one smash album.  Do I have to tell you it’s tragic?


Producer Peter Manz certainly had a certain target market in mind with certain song selections, namely Something For The Boys.  On I Get A Kick Out Of You, Miss Merman reverts to the original Cole Porter lyric, screaming “Cocainnne” on top of the swirling beat.  Oy, is it cringeworthy.


Apparently, this is quite the collectible, so I was thrilled to find it at a vintage shop for $2.  A review I found said it’s good for a laugh, but there’s only one joke.  I found it funny once, but then sad.  It has a nice “promo” stamp on the back cover, and a date stamp of July 27, 1979, so I know it wasn’t something that someone originally bought.  The record is only in VG condition, but it’s a nice addition to the camp section of my collection, and a worthy addition to Trying Too Hard Week.

Today’s Summary:

Cost: $2, $915 Remaining


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