July 10, 2016 Hey HEY Hey Henry.


Henry Mancini, Mancini’s Angels, RCA APL1-2290, 1977

.Somehow the Academy Award winning composer and Orchestra leader, famous for the melancholy Moon River, the haunting Love Theme From Romeo & Juliet, and the suspenseful Pink Panther Theme found himself trying to stay relevant in 1977 in an open disco shirt on the phone, while three non-angelic models , also with open blouses, fawn all over him.  This is yet another record the should not be, yet here it is.


There are some gems included.  I had completely forgotten about the TV show What’s Happening!.  It was a little too old of a show for my 11 year old sensibilities at the time, but I did love getting to know Re-Run, Shirley, Raj, and my favorite sassy little sister, Dee.  Since I had forgotten about the show, I also had forgotten that Henry Mancini did the theme music.  It’s here in all its original glory, as is some background music from my favorite Pink Panther movie, The Return Of The Pink Panther.


The Theme From Charlie’s Angels actually became is semi hit single, peaking in the US at #45, but still, this record seems to be a kind of cash in on a craze from a really important artist.  I love it!

Today’s Summary:

Cost: $1, $922 Remainng


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