July 6, 2016 I Am Not A Crook Either


Various Artists, The Watergate Comedy Album, Hidden Records ST-11202, 1973

I imagine this record having an immediate impact on the Anti-Nixon part of the public when it came out in the Summer of 1973.  It features and all-star cast and a ready made idea for a comedy album.  Yet within months the political events of the day had changed and suddenly the funny wasn’t so much.


The record features the essence of the Watergate Scandal as I (who was 7 years old in 1973) understand it.  As in, it was not yet the scandal that would bring down a president, but was already the worst scandal to hit the United States.  Somehow, I can;t imagine this record being as funny as it seemed once the conversation turned to private tapes and 18 minute gaps.


I suppose the take away from my first theme week is that when making a novelty record, at least in the 21st Century, is to make it a universal subject.  Something that is resolved, at least in the public consciousness, before going all out in what seems hilarious in the moment.

Today’s Summary:

Cost: $2, $929 Remaining


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