July 5, 2016 Nixon’s Not The One


David Frye, I Am The President, Elektra, EKS-75006, 1969

Four days in to our salute to the American politician, I can say that the 1960 were the golden age of the genre, and that Democratic Presidents have more to be funny about than do Republican ones.   David Frye gives it a good effort, but knowing how the Richard Nixon administration ended up just makes this record less funny.


Like the other records, this one features voice actors impersonating the politicians of the day performing ridiculous skits.  Not really knowing a lot of the background of the people involved, some of the material went over my head.  Was Hubert Humphrey really not that funny in real life?

IMG_7413 (1).jpg

I’ll confess that I really only bought this because I knew this week was coming and I needed to have as many political records as I could.  While it’s in mint condition, it’s the most expensive record I’ve bought in a while.

Today’s Summary:

Cost: $5, $931 Remaining

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