July 4, 2016 Gallant Independence Day


Gallant Men, Senator Everett McKinley Dirksen, Capitol ST2643, 1966

It was a different time.  I guess that’s the only way to describe how a 71 year old Republican Senator could write a poem and read it along with some stories from American history over a stirring marching band soundtrack…and have a hit record.  Gallant Men proved a minor hit during the 1966 holiday season, and the album reached all the way to #16 on the album charts.  As a result, this record is fairly easy to find, and because it’s boring as it sounds, most of them are in really great condition.


It’s hard to imagine an album like this happening today with Ted Cruz  or Mitch McConnell talking about what inspires them.  In fairness, Sen. Dirksen does have a pretty good voice for this kind of thing, but who really take the trouble to listen to a record of a recitation of the Pledge Of Allegiance To The Flag.  The only way I would again would be for people when they doubt that such a record exists.  Then we’d all have a laugh and put it back for another 5-20 years.


Like I said though, these records are easy to find and often in such great condition that you can find a great inner sleeve.  This still shrink-wrapped album had a mint condition Capitol inner sleeve featuring all The Beatles’ and The Beach Boys’ 1966 releases.  So I don’t really mind if it got immediately vetoed today from being played.

Today’s Summary:

Cost: $2, $936 Remaining


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