July 3, 2016 There Was A Laugh Riot Going On

IMG_7398Earle Doud, Spiro T. Agnew Is A Riot, Cadet Concept CCX-1, 1971

Day three of our salute to the American politician on record.  Today’s victim is disgraced Vice President Spiro T. Agnew.  Known for his ability to be way over his head on the national stage before resigning in disgrace during a corruption scandal, it’s interesting to see this period piece about him from the leader of the genre, Earle Doud.  The cover has him in stone ala Mt. Rushmore, giving voice to the so-called “Silent Majority”.


The set up is just a sissified narrator trying to play the straight man to Richard Nixon in a mock job interview setting whereby the Agnew impersonator continually puts his racist foot in his mouth over and over again.  I did get some laughs, even though the history of this was kind of before my time.  Still, the laughs came with a realization that this was a real person who came one heartbeat away from the presidency.  And that’s not very funny.


It came out on the Cadet Concept label, a division of Chess Records.  Cadet was their Jazz label, and Cadet Concept was formed to release the more experimental acts that came the company’s way.  I’ve never seen a Cadet Concept album before, they only released about 20 albums in 5 years, so that alone is worth the price of admission for a record collector.

Today’s Summary:

Cost: $4, $938 Remaining


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