July 1, 2016 Lyndon In The Sky


Earle Doud & Alen Robin, Lyndon Johnson’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, Atco SD33-230, 1967

It’s a new month, and with a national holiday coming up, I thought I’d try a new theme week.  I’ve found a few cheap records with a definite political theme to them, and I’ll be featuring them this week.  Up first, it’s all the way with LBJ, and a record that is mildly interesting of a listen or two.

It’s a simple set up, you take stock interviews from big time political people out of context, and write silly interview questions around them and you have comedy gold.   Add a laugh track and you’re all set!


It wasn’t until I heard the Ronald Reagan bit that I caught on to the joke, his unmistakeable voice was the first one I really knew.  Next up was then Senator Robert Kennedy, which is why this record probably didn’t have a long shelf life.  Still, in this election year, it’s sort of interesting to hear about the initial election woes from the very contentious election of 1968.


It also came with a cool Atco sleeve that I’d never seen before.  So I got a few laughs and a cool inner sleeve for less than a cup of coffee.

Today’s Summary:

Cost: $2, $945 Remaining

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