June 30, 2016 Summer Camp


Various Artists, Valley Of The Dolls Soundtrack, 20th Century Fox S-4196, 1967

Sound track albums make great additions to record collections.  I nearly burst out laughing when I found this copy of the camp classic Valley Of The Dolls the other day.  Records like this are pretty rare, soundtracks that don’t feature hit singles never really sold, so I always buy them when I find them.  True, the movie’s theme did produce a #2 hit single for Dionne Warwick on Scepter Records, but the single isn’t on the official soundtrack that came out on 20th Century Fox Records.


Instead of Dionne, soundtrack purchasers were treated to a lush string version of the title track, some really groovy 60s background music, and the hilariously bad songs written for the story.  When the book came out, it was a scandalous look at subjects previously not talked about.  But society in the 1960s progressed so quickly, that by the time the film came out, young “girls” were moving away from home to begin careers, sometimes even going out at night unescorted!  Come Live With Me is just so funny to hear now.


The Mid-Sixties 20th Century Fox label is also a great looking one.  They never really had many hit records or big stars, so finding anything on this label is a minor success.

Today’s Summary:

Cost: $2, $947 Remaining

June Summary: $53, $1.77/record


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