June 26, 2016 Let’s Get The Party Started


Bumps McGhee & His Twisters, Music To Strip By, Oscar OS-138, 1962(?)

Remarkably, there is virtually no information for an artist named Bumps McGhee and His Twisters.  Because of the Academy Awards and their nickname, there’s nothing I could discover about Oscar Records.  The songs selected here are based on a theme, even if they seem like a random collection.  It’s almost as if the most intriguing thing about this record is the cover…


Oscar records didn’t even bother to come up with a second picture for the other side, or bother to give any songwriting or publishing credits.  The whole production seems to be a cash-in on the popularity of David Rose’s surprise 1962 #1 hit single The Stripper.  It was worthy to listen to once or the novelty, but this is most definitely a record I bought for the cover.


I even got a neat 1965 RCA inner sleeve to swap out for my next Chet Atkins or Floyd Cramer discovery!

Today’s Summary:

Cost: $3, $957 Remaining

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