June 24, 2016 British Ding-A-Lings


Chuck Berry, The London Sessions, CH 60020, 1972

Quick, name Chuck Berry’s first number one hit?  If you guessed 1972’s My Ding A Ling, you got it right.  For all of the guff Chuck rightfully gave to the corrupt Chess Records, he certainly spent a long time recording for them.  This was the album that gave him his only U.S. #1 single, and I snagged it for cheap on the day the British voted to leave the E.U.


Chuck Berry was very much past his sell by date by 1972, but his fame in the UK was still quite high.  So why not try issuing a half studio/half live album recorded before an adoring audience to stay relevant?  And he wasn’t the only one!  The week the single hit #1, Elvis Presley and Rick Nelson were also in the top 10.


And the album is actually really great!  This $3 copy was fairly priced quality wise, but I had never heard the entire 11:52 minute version of My Ding A Ling.   It’s a great album, with a mix of new and old, rock and blues.  It was also his only gold certified album.  Yeah, Chuck’s voice is gruff and cracking, but it Chuck Berry!IMG_7302

Reeling’ And Rockin’ was the follow up to My Ding A Ling and it became his last top 40 hit in early 1973.  I’m sad the UK left the EU today, but I’m really glad I have this record.

Today’s Summary:

Cost: $3, $961 Remaining

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