June 16, 2016 Born Nearly Free


Andy Williams, Born Free, Columbia CS-9480, 1967

Goodwill record shoppers will also have the chance to collect as many Andy Williams records as they have room for.  Williams made a career out of singing lush arrangements of the hits of the day, cranking out an album every few months for 15 years at Columbia.  You can usually guess the year his records came out by seeing what’s on them and adding a few months.  Most of Born Free‘s trackless comes from 1966, and lo and behold, this album was released in April, 1967.


Every one of his records is more lush than the one before, and the cardigans of the early 60s gave way to mod fashions by the 70s.  This one fits nicely in the middle with vocal versions of the title track and the impossibly catchy Music To Watch Girls By.  SO catchy in fact that it was used in a British Car commercial in 1999 and was re-issued there, where it zoomed to Number One!  If you have room for only one Andy Williams record (or have the intestinal fortitude to even listen to one), make sure you go with Born Free.


My $1 copy, unfortunately, was fairly priced by Goodwill.  I should have known because it didn’t come with an inner sleeve.  It did look shinny, though, so I went for it.  This copy will hold a place in the Williams section until I run across it again.  It won’t take long I suspect.

Today’s Summary:

Cost: $1, $973 Remaining

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