June 14, 2016 Happy 50th Birthday!

theheadliners1.jpgVarious Artists, The Headliners ’66, Columbia Record Club DS 154, 1966

Imagine your surprise when you got your first shipment “at full club prices” of a record selected “just for you” and you find The Headliners ’66 in the envelope.  As great as it was to receive 9 albums for One Cent, paying $5.98 plus shipping and handling for this turkey must have made you really question your decision.


Sure, it’s got some big names, and some songs you recognized (because other people made them famous), but there’s really no way anyone in their right mind would have bought this.  Joe Harnell?  About the only headline Joe Harnell might have made in 1966 would be “Area man dies of tedium from listening to a Joe Harnell record”.

This is the kind of record that hasn’t existed for decades.  Taking rejected or sub-standard tracks from your stable of artists and combining them into a “greatest hits” package just doesn’t happen anymore.  Virtually everyone here is way past their prime, and the material is really uninspiring.  Moon River, Moon Song, and Moon Love all on one compilation?  Inspiring.  The upside is, I’d be willing to bet that this record is the only place some of these recordings were ever released.


The other plus is that I found it in the $1 bin at Goodwill, and it is the absolute most pristine $1 record I’ve ever bought.  I’d be surprised if it was played more than 10 times.  I personally plan to make sure it doesn’t hit 15 plays during my ownership period.  The cover is in great shape, and I’ve never seen this Columbia Record Club Exclusive label anywhere else.  The original owner also switched inner sleeves with something else, so I got a mint condition 1966 Capitol inner sleeve that I could probably sell for $5 on Ebay.

But no…I’m going to save it until the day that I find a copy of Pet Sounds in the same shape.

Today’s Summary:

Cost: $1, $975 Remaining

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