June 11, 2016 A $1 Trip To The Caribbean


Chet Atkins, Caribbean Guitar, RCA 2549, 1962

This is a very average album from the very great Chet Atkins.  Not much of a name today, he sold millions of records and was very popular for 30 years.  He was mostly a country guitarist and put a nice, gentile twang of the hits of the day for RCA Records.  His Beatles tribute album is really great, but this one kind of misses the mark for me.  Caribbean Guitar was his fourth album release in a year, they can’t all be gems at that rate.


The back cover doesn’t help the album’s blandness, there’s not even a picture of Chet Atkins!   That makes today the perfect chance to talk about something every cheap record shopper will need to invest in.  This record was in the Goodwill bin without a paper inner sleeve.  In fact, almost all of the Goodwill records I featured this week were missing them.  A decent inner sleeve is vital to keeping your records from dust and scratching from the rougher cardboard of the cover.


I keep a supply of new paper inner sleeves on hand, as well as thicker plastic record album sleeves.  Maybe it would be possible to find them cheaper than online from Bags Unlimited, but their prices are so reasonable that they are my go to “supply” supplier.  100 plastic protection sleeves cost $21.15 and a pack of 50 inner sleeves cost $13.15.  Since I plan to keep these records until vinyl becomes uncool again (which I hope will be never!), a small investment in protecting them will really help in preserving them.  Chet is now on the shelf well protected until I get the urge to take another 28 minute vacation to the Caribbean, with a change in Nashville.

Today’s Summary:

Cost: $1, $978 Remaining

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