June 8, 2016 It’s A Miracle!


A Gospel Concert By The Songfellows Quartet, Heart Warming Records 1850, 196?

California’s Favorite Gospel Quartet has five singers!  Not quite the biggest miracle claimed by The Bible, but then again, finding a $1 Gospel record at Goodwill isn’t either.

These Sonfgfellows can can (a bit) too!  They have a Hi-Los/Four Freshmen sound, with a really deep bass vocalist and some soaring tenors.  It was actually a mildly interesting record to listen to (once).  It’s just that the material is a little, um, repetitive.


It’s not really a “concert” record either.  The liner notes describe the recording was made at RCA Studios in Los Angeles, so it’s tempting to think of Sam Cooke recording “Cupid” just down the hall.  It does sound very professional, but then again, that’s not good enough to interest me into hearing this particular concert again.

Today’s Summary:

Cost: $1, $981 Remaining


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