June 6, 2016 Goodwill, Paul & Mary


Peter, Paul & Mary, Warner Brothers 1449, 1962

“How many thrift stores must a man go to before he finds some folk albums?  The answer, my friend, is not more than one.  The answer is not more than one.”

It was really a toss up for me to choose between Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass and Peter, Paul & Mary as the all time Goodwill record bin champion.  I have to believe that the records that get donated to charity have been gone through and rejected- for free- by everyone related or even friendly to the donor before they get dropped off.  I’ve yet to find a Beatles album at a Goodwill.  Hell, finding something by Gerry & The Pacemakers would be an achievement.  But it sure seems like anyone who wants a Peter, Paul & Mary album already has it.


Thrift stores are generally like lending libraries for both The TJB and PP&M, and at $1 each, it doesn’t take much to quickly collect all of both groups best albums.  They are so plentiful, that if one copy of this album doesn’t work out (meaning it doesn’t play well or the cover is shot), I just buy the next one I see and take the best bits of the two and then re-donate the unfortunate paring.


This record though, had it all!  A shiny cover with minimum splitting, a clean stereo record, and the best of all words, and original Warner Brothers inner sleeve in great condition.  I haven’t really talked much about inner sleeves yet, but they can be a great indicator about how the record was cared for through the years.  This inner sleeve is in really great shape, which tells me it wasn’t taken out about 1000 times.  Which also means the record probably wasn’t played very much.  Buying it four years after it came out probably helped keep this copy on the bottom of many a party stack.


I know what you’re thinking…”How could you possibly know when the record was originally bought?”  The records advertised on the sleeve give me an idea of about when it was pressed.  While Peter, Paul & Mary was first released in 1962, the inner sleeve features The Markettes version on The Batman Theme which came out in 1966.  So what I give up in original issue value is off set with the condition of a really nice copy of the first album from the biggest selling folk act of all time.

I’ll be donating two pretty junky copies I no longer need to a Goodwill near you, happy that this $1  copy will keep me “Hammering” away for years.

Today’s Summary:

Cost $1, $983 Remain


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